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Our Story

We developed the largest onshore wind turbine in England - Welcome to Community Power Solutions Ltd, where we specialise in wind energy, engineering, and community development. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions for community-led projects. We pioneered the SIFFFT model for rapid community wind project development. We work with communities to assist them in building and owning their own projects. Ownership confers much more benefits than the usual offered by corporate developers. 


One of our current achievements is the Ambition Community Wind Turbine in Avonmouth, Bristol, which we developed on behalf of Ambition Community Energy. We have carried out Asset Management during construction of this project which is now in operation (see News).

We are using the SIFFFT model to develop numerous community wind sites in the South West and beyond.


We have a deep experience in asset management through the crucial planning and construction processes. Using our SIFFFT development methodology we are capable and committed to helping other community groups realise their renewable energy goals through the development and ownership of their own generation.



Experienced Support to Community Development Projects

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Community Power Solutions Ltd are asset managers for Ambition Community Energy and are responsible for overseeing the development and construction of the largest onshore wind turbine in England. We oversaw the installation of the foundations for the turbine, which require over 100 tons of steel and 1000 tons of concrete. Additionally, the installation of the high voltage grid connection and substations, as well as the assembly areas and crane pads.

We are committed to following all necessary planning conditions, including meeting all ecological and archeological requirements. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that this project is completed efficiently and sustainably. We are proud to be helping bring clean energy and financial benefits to the community of Lawrence Weston.

Building on our track record with Ambition Community Energy, we are working with other communities to develop their capacity for renewable energy. We offer our skills and experience in community-led development, providing the technical and planning knowledge needed for successful community energy projects. 

Community Power Solutions Ltd are providing consultancy to support Zero Carbon Liverpool City to
repower an old non-working turbine, and to deliver Southport Wind Project. This is a funded by a Phase 1 Rural Community Energy Fund.

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